Monday, August 2

Please leave our apples alone!

I know it is unlikely that the person/people who has/have been pulling apples from trees on our allotment site is/are reading this but just in case my message to them is "Please leave our apples on the tree. If you are so desparate to taste them then ask and I'll pick you an apple when it is ripe".

To explain why I am so cross - this weekend on visiting our plot we found lots of apples on the ground which we would have assumed had fallen prematurely had they not been bitten by human teeth! Also the apples appeared to have been thrown away from the trees. Other plot holders have also had the same problem so we seem to have someone up to no good. No doubt having taken apples from the tree and found that they were unripe it was good fun to take off more and throw them about. The allotment telegraph has suggested who the culprits are but this is a case of someone who told someone he had seen someone etc. so not really strong enough to point a finger - just hope that it doesn't happen again!

I don't think people realise that someone has spent money buying the plants on their plots and also spent time and effort looking after them. Or maybe they just don't care! We bought a lure to trap male codling moths and I have been busily trying to eradicate woolly aphid but this is one pest that is more difficult to control! Although they are risking that no-one has sprayed their apples recently aren't they?

By the way is anyone else getting a service unavailable when trying to leave a comment on Blogger blogs. When I refresh the page then the error goes away! Strange.



  1. I am so sorry to read about your apples. Some people just don’t have any shame. I hope you get them!
    No blogger problems here.

  2. Hello Vrtlarica.
    I think it's children from the size of teeth marks and the throwing things about but I'll be on the lookout from now on!

  3. We've got a serial digger on our site, Sue. First they sample a few potatoes and then they dig over a dozen from the plot of their choice. Like you the frustration is (partially) that they dug up some of our maincrop spuds. If they'd tried the earlies they'd have done better.

    We have 8ft fencing topped with barbed wire and only one (locked) entrance to the site, so it's a bit worrying. I even feel relieved that my victim status removes the stain of suspicion, as I can't avoid summising that there is an inside connection....

  4. So sad to hear that.... we live in a big crowd of people, some are not so good..... ~bangchik

  5. Oh no! Hopefully you catch the culprits and have some apples left to ripen...

  6. That's awful Mal- if our source is accurate then ours is an inside job. We tried to improve our security with a new fence and entrance gate but some people either won't lock it and some won't even shut it so it's always possible for unwelcome visitors to get in. The economic climate means that theft on allotments is going to be a problem - there again most of the people who leave the gate open have nothing to steal!!

    Hi Bangchik - I think in our case its more not watching what children are up to!

    Hello Amy - I just hope the unripe apples gave them tummy ache and they will leave them alone now!

  7. So sorry to read this, thefts from allotments sadly seem to be happening more often. I'd bring back National Service :}

  8. I had precious few apples on our 'eaters' tree last year and they were all taken before I had chance to pick them :>(

  9. Hi Rob - We once had the same happen to a tree absolutely loaded with plums - we didn't even get one so we bought a couple of gages as they don't ever look ripe. I don't know why people who wouldn't rob your house think it's OK to steal from your plot


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