Tuesday, August 10

Not everything on the plot is rosy (red)!

Just to provide a bit of balance to those of you who are bemoaning poor carrots, I'd just like to point out that not everything we grow is as successful as our carrots.

Lots of blogs that I visit are displaying bumper harvests of tomatoes. So far we have only had as many tomatoes as you can count on the fingers of your hand - and I mean one hand!

The tomatoes in our plot greenhouse have been an unmitigating disaster! The plants were fine when they went in exactly the same quality of plants as went in our garden greenhouse. We planted them in bottomless large pots into holes the greenhouse border - also filled with compost.

Now they look like this!
The ones in our garden greenhouse started life like this:

The plants are planted in a similar way but in growbags rather than compost. They are also growing in ring culture thingies but the ones on the plot have a system that tries to mimic this 'on the cheap"! The plants in the garden greenhouse now look like this:

Healthy plants with lots of tomatoes the only problem being that they are still GREEN although I must admit a few are beginning to realise that RED is the desired colour.

As for our handful of red tomatoes - they came from this plant ...
It was a cherry tomato plant that was surplus to requirements and had been left in a 4" pot on the greenhouse floor. Any watering it had was accidental when watering other plants and more often that not the plant pot had tipped over on its side! Despite this it managed to produce these perfect little tomatoes. Nature's will to survive is incredible unless that is the plant is in our plot greenhouse! To rub salt in the variety is Garden Pearl which came free with one of our magazines!

To end on a positive note we dug some of another variety of carrots today - this time Early Nantes 2 and they too look good.

But man (or woman for that matter) cannot live on carrots alone! Some ripe tomatoes would be good!

If you are interested in our weekly diary then click here for last week's entry on our website.


  1. I am sorry to read about your tomatoes not producing. I would send you some of mine if there was a way.
    My cherries also ripened first, and then others followed. Perhaps the same thing will happen with yours.

  2. They are starting to turn Vrtlarica but we'll have nowhere near as many as you have.

  3. allotments4you.comAugust 10, 2010

    my tomatoes aren't red and the plants are looking a little unhappy too...yet I have carrot success...maybe you can't have both?!?!?!

  4. Tanya - we will have to hope for improvements - some people are getting both so it can't be against gardening law!

  5. Your carrots look fantastic!

  6. Oh and meant to say sorry about the toms, hope you get some soon.

  7. Hi Damo, Things are reddening slowly - it will have to be carrot and coriander instead of tomato soup

  8. Nice post! i like it , so interesting...Thank you for sharing it.

  9. Hello artificial grass - are you an actual person?


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