Friday, August 20

Disappeared into the ether of cyberspace!

My old website has now been disconnected and a redirect has been set up to my new (well not so new now) website. I happened to notice that some images were missing on the new site. I had copied and pasted the information and must have forgotten to upload the photographs to the new site. Whilst the old site was still active it didn't matter as the page just picked up the images from there but once this site disappeared into the ether - well so did the images.

The three pages that I spotted were:
The diary archive menu page which has links to all my diary entries since January 2007

If you visited any of these pages recently and thought something was missing - apologies!!! Also if you spot any pages on my website with broken links or missing images will you let me know - also there will be links from my blog archive to the old website so again if you find any will you help by letting me know then I can change them!


  1. I will let you know if I find anything... :-)

  2. Must be a bit of a nightmare having to locate all the missing bits now that the website has changed over. Hope there aren't too many for you to put right.

  3. The real nightmare Jo was when I had the email to say my original system was ending so I needed to find a new system and copy all my content across. NOt only that by my photo album system had shut down earlier and all my albums needed redoing. Fortunately it was in winter. Hope the images that were missing are just the ones that escaped the original relocation work.


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