Tuesday, November 27

So where do our visitors come from?

Just for interest seeing as gardening news is a bit sparse at the moment.

The image on the left shows just where the last 500 visitors to our blog came from.

The image on the left shows where the last 500 visitors to our web site came from.

Please add a comment to tell us something about youself and their gardening. We would love to know something about our visitors. To receive some photos, for the web site, of your garden or plot would be fantastic. We have some photos from our French visitors - click here to view.

Monday, November 26

November Photographs

November's photos are now of the web site. Click here to access the November diary.
Things are really slowing up and the weather is getting colder and a bit wetter.

Saturday, November 24

Allotment Safari?

If the weather as kept you away from the plot then you may have missed this lost visitor!
Surprising how the wildlife comes out when it is quiet!

Sunday, November 18

One of our favourite insects is under threat from invaders!


Recognise this youngster do you?
His (or her) species is under attack from foreign invaders.
The invaders in question are bad news for humans too!
Click here to read more

Sunday, November 11

Update to the November diary

This weekend it has been freezing! I had three layers of clothing on and still felt cold. It feels as though winter is arriving now - especially as the strong winds have stripped many of the trees of their colourful leaves. Click here for an update of our November diary

Friday, November 9

Recycling Cans


Paul (plot 50) has arranged for the cans that everyone has been collecting to be picked up. This may happen next week although the company have said that they will only take cans if they are in the large builders' bags. This way they can load them into their lorry easily. Can I ask that in future would you please squash the cans before popping them into the collection bags as in this way we will be able to store them prior to collection much more easily. We will try and create some sort of storage area on plot 46 to accommodate future collections.

Thanks to Paul for arranging this.

Thursday, November 8

Plot 46 Flattened?

The farmer who delivers the manure has levelled (well almost) plot 46.
At least it is in the sort of state that means we can make a start on the storage bins.


Tuesday, November 6

November diary

trees November 008

The November diary has now been started on the web site click here to access. One feature of last week for me (other than piles and piles of manure being delivered), has been the wonderful leaf colours. I have never noticed before that leaves on one half of the tree turn colour sooner and also fall off the tree sooner. I suppose that shouldn't be a surprise as presumably the side facing prevailing winds will lose leaves first.

Thursday, November 1

More Affiliated links

Especially for Christmas we have two more affiliate links from which you can buy a special gift and help our funding too.

Our New links for Avon and Boots are accessible from the side bar.