Monday, March 31

Photoshoot 2

Look out for us in the Wakefield Express this week as we should be featured in it somewhere! The Wakefield Express and Councillor Janet Homes paid us a visit to have a look at the progress that we had made on our fencing project.

March Photoshoot

This month's photographs are now on thew web site. Click here to visit to March diary. Larger versions of the photographs are at the bottom of the page. March has been a disappointing month really, cold, windy and wet although there have been some sunny intervals. The day when the photographs were taken was maybe one of the best days of the month, although. Although later in the afternoon we actually had thunder, lightning and hail. There is still evidence of crops which have overwintered especially leeks and brassicas. The fruit trees and bushes are starting to show signs that they will soon spring in to life and the daffodils are providing welcome splashes of colour. Although there is lots of activity with many hardy souls working through the driving rain, things are still behind where they were last year - although last year we had an exceptionally early spring and then things went downhill. Let's hope that this year's poor start means a good summer!

Friday, March 28

Materials and Workmen Needed

We really want to get going on our communal plot but we want to make the grant that we were awarded by Wakefield Primary Care Trust go as far as we possibly can. We would really like to pave some of the area so that it provides a mud free area that can be used in all weather. We would also like to construct some sort of gazebo as a refuge during showers. The sort of materials that we need are concrete paving flags, sand and cement, wood (possible palettes or scaffolding planks or floorboarding), cleaned bricks, something with which to create raised beds - ideally not creosoted railway sleepers Or rather parts of them maybe short leftover sections. etc. If you have or know of anyone who maybe has some slightly damaged materials or materials left over from other jobs could you please email me. We will obviously acknowledge anyone who supports us.

Also anyone out there who thinks that they could help by offering some manpower - especially bricklaying we would welcome you with open arms and also provide free publicity on our site and blog.
The progress on the plot will be charted on the web site click here

So why do you grow your own?

In this month's Kitchen Garden magazine, Alan Titchmarsh has written an article on why people grow their own vegetables and fruit. Just to test out his theories I've placed a poll on the sidebar. Why not have a go? The poll will also allow you to post comments once you have submitted a vote. Alternatively add a comment to this post explaining why you grow your own!
By the way I have used a different type of poll this time which promises NO ADS!

Thursday, March 27

Looks interesting

Harrod Horticultural have a new product called Earthbox which they claim is a revolutionary gardening container system. Click here to read more

Rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb!

Over the years rhubarb has played an important role in the Wakefield area. As capital city of the Rhubarb Triangle, each year a Rhubarb Festival is held in and around Wakefield. (Although this year it was renamed the Food and Drink Festival). Throughout the week special events are held and earlier this month Pat and Joe went on the Rhubarb Tour. At the start of the tour they were welcome with tea and biscuits (not sure if it was rhubarb tea or not). They then were given a talk on the history of rhubarb by the 'high priestess' of rhubarb - Janet Oldroyd and then taken for a tour of the forcing sheds. Not just any old forcing shed but the largest in the world! Pat said it was quite spooky in the darkness of the sheds - I think Pat and Joe also came out a foot taller than when they went in and slightly pinker!!

Incredibly there are hundreds of varieties of rhubarb which originally was grown medicinally - we all know the effect of eating too much! The huge leaves of outdoor rhubarb not only provide ideal umbrellas but as they are toxic can be used as a pesticide. Apparently rhubarb is also good for cleaning burnt pans and colouring hair! If you want to read even more about our rhubarb heritage then click here to visit our web site.

Wednesday, March 26


Thank you to those of you who took the time to attend the AGM last night.
The minutes of the meeting will be posted on the web site as soon as they become available.
The meeting was the last that Phil will attend as Association secretary so I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his work and the support that he has given to the Association over the last year. I hope that he will continue to be involved albeit in a less 'formal' capacity. Thanks also to the rest of the committee, Alastair, Jan, Martyn, Pat and Paul for their work over the last year and 'hopefully' their continued support. Last but certainly not least welcome to Clare who will join us as Association secretary as from 1 April.

Monday, March 24

Aerial photographs.

We have come across some more recent aerial photographs of the site on the Microsoft Live Search Map. We had a fascinating afternoon browsing. Click here to access the site yourself.

Green Lane Allotments Aerial view

Click here to visit our web site where another view of the site is posted.

AGM Agenda.

The agenda for the AGM of the Association will be as follows:
  • Annual Report
  • Next year's Committee
  • Statement of accounts
  • Priorities for 2008/9
  • AOB

Thursday, March 20

Association AGM

The AGM of the Green Lane Allotments Association will be held on Tuesday 25 March (next Tuesday) in the function room at the Old Mill in Horbury.
The meeting will start at 7:30 p.m.
It would be good to see as many tenants of Green Lane attending as possible. It will be your chance to give your opinion, make suggestions and also catch up with everyone after the winter 'break'.
Can you please email or let one of the committee know whether or not you will be able to attend. If you need directions then also please get in touch.
We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday, March 19

Leek and Potato Soup

We still have lots of leeks left in the ground which will shortly start to spoil and also still have plenty of stored potatoes, so I decided to have a soup making session.
If you fancy having a go at a leek and potato soup (or Vichysoisse - if you prefer) then click here and have a go. Don't let those vegetables go to waste.

leek and potato soup

I now have some carrots and parsnips to use - so can feel another soup making session coming on.

Sunday, March 16

March diary has been updated

Things really seem to be moving now at a fair pace.
seeds are being sown, perennials are shooting, trees and bushes are sprouting, camellias are flowering, the birds are singing and 'The frogs are back in town!" (well in the pond really).
Click here to read more.

Monday, March 10

We start them gardening early at Green Lane

Four year old boy, fed up with his parents' ready-meal culture takes matters into his own hands!

Tuesday, March 4

Storage bays on Plot 46

We would really like to get started on construction of the storage bays on Plot 46. We have the offer of some damaged breeze blocks if we can find anyone who could collect them for us. We would obviously give something for any fuel used.


Also we need to provide a foundation on which to build as well as needing mortar to 'stick' the blocks together. I know all the technical terms! If anyone has any sand, cement or stones (is it called aggregate?) going cheap or even better going free then please get in touch by using the email link on the sidebar.

Monday, March 3

Another Affiliated Link for Crocus

Crocus is a company that specialise in harder to find garden plants but they offer all sorts of other products too.
Use the link on the sidebar to try viewing their web site to see what is on offer.

Sunday, March 2

March diary

The March diary has now been started on the web site click here - doesn't time fly!! It's even worse than you think as if you look at the URL for the page on the web site I mistakenly have put 2088 (and it can't be changed without starting the page again).
Everything else has been flying this week too hasn't it. Here in Wakefield we have suffered from persistent gales - on the allotment site it's even blown our speed limit sign off its pole!
Rumour has it that the supermarkets are considering doing away with the plastic carrier bag. I say hurray to that, I am fed up of the things getting stuck, just out of reach, in our trees and bushes. Even when I can reach them - they cling on and pull buds off when I try to disentangle them.
The other bit of bad news is that the oil seed rape is beginning to flower.
To end on some positive notes though things are starting to show signs of spring so it will soon be all systems go for both us and the plants!! We are also still managing to harvest for the pot! Below is this week's booty.

Why not use the comments on this post to tell us what you think or tell us what you are still managing to harvest?

No elections this year.

There will be no need to hold elections for the Association officers this year as each role only had one nominee which were as follows:

Chair - Sue (plot 41) nominated by Phil (plots 24 & 49) & Jan (plots 10, 11 & 12)
Secretary - Clare (plot 35) nominated by Martyn (plots 28, 29, 30 & 42) and Pat (plot 39b)
Treasurer - Martyn (plots 28, 29, 30 & 42) nominated by Phil (plots 24 & 49) and Jan (plots 10, 11 & 12)

Ex- Officio member Jan (plots 10, 11 & 12 & site secetary )
Alastair (plot 56)
Pat (plot 39b)
Paul (plots 57 & 58)

No-one else came forward for the committee and so these positions were also unopposed.

Phil (plots 24 & 49) resigned as secretary as he felt unable to give the role the time that he felt it deserved. Thanks to him for his support over the last year.
Thanks also to the rest of last year's committee for their support.

I'd also like to thank Jan for his tireless efforts as site secretary - this is often a thankless role where much is done out of sight of the rest of us to ensure the smooth running of the site. It is also one where the saying, "You can't please everyone runs true".
Sorry - this has ended up as an Oscars' speech but people do deserve to be thanked - and I haven't mentioned my dog so it isn't that bad!

Although the above form - if you like - the formal committee, I would welcome any volunteers who wish to play a role in the work of the committee as a co-opted member. As far as I am concerned - the more the merrier!
The above committee will be in position as from 1st April 2008.

At the moment Alastair is exploring options for a venue for the AGM (we feel that March is not a good time of year to hold an outdoor meeting!). The AGM will be held during the last week in March. When we have a venue the exact date will be set. It would be helpful if you could let me know of any dates which are difficult as it would be good to see as many as possible there.

We have achieved more than many people expected this year so let's surprise everyone again next year.