Sunday, May 27

Thank you from the children at Abacus Nursery

Some of the plot holders on Green Lane recently helped by providing plants, seeds and support to the newly built Abacus nursery. The children have sent a card to say "Thank you".

Click on the images below to view a larger copy


abacus3I am sure that they would still appreciate more plants if you have any spares!

We can't get children interested in gardening and growing their own food soon enough!

Many think that vegetables just come in tins or freezer bags!

Lottery Bonus Ball May 26

Message from Jo (plot 50)
The Lotto Bonus Ball drawn this week was 17, this is an unallocated number, so it's another Rollover!! The prize fund rolling over is £16.
Total raised for Association Fund is £46 so far. Thanks again to all those who participate in the draw.
The unallocated numbers are for sale again so if anyone is interested please see me, Jo, on plot 50.
Just another reminder, I must have your stake by 5pm each Saturday to be eligible to win.

Wednesday, May 23

Anonymous Comments

Just would like your views on anonymous comments. It seems anonymous comments are winding people up either intentionally or because they are bits of fun that go wrong. Either way should we continue to allow anonymous comments?
I can set the blog up so that only registered users can make a comment - i.e. those with Google accounts. Google accounts are easy to set up and don't cost anything. If anyone had trouble I could give instruction on how to do this. When this is done all comments are attributed to the username chosen. It's still sort of anonymous but we would know if anonymous is always the same person, unless they go to the trouble of setting up several accounts that is.

What does everyone think?


Tuesday, May 22

May's photo album is now on the web site!

Click here to view the photos taken on 20 May 2007 - scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Minutes of last meeting

Click here to access minutes of the last Association meeting

Bonus Ball 19 May

Message from Jo (plot 50)

The rollover prize of £30 was won by number 18, Hazel (Paul's mum), so the prize fund starts again from zero.
Can I just remind you all that I must have your money by 5pm each Saturday in order for you to be eligible to win!
The total raised for the Association Fund so far is £30, so well done to all who are in the draw for your continued support of the Fund.
In the interest of fairness, I will shortly by putting a list of who has which number on the notice boards if anyone is interested.

(Thanks to Jo for her efforts too and congratulations to Hazel - Sue)

Saturday, May 19

The Human Digging Machine!

Alas there comes a time in every human digging machine's life when he has to resort to mechanical support! Click here to read more

Thursday, May 17

May video diary

The video is now up and running on the May video diary page. Click here
Please excuse the car alarm as it was beyond our control. The video also shows how windy it has been.
Sunday we were totally rained off this week and didn't complete half of the jobs that we had intended to do - had to just get plants in as quickly as we could!!

Monday, May 14

Lotto Bonus Ball

Message from Jo (plot 50)

The Lotto Bonus Ball on Saturday was number 44.

This is one of the unsold numbers, so it's a rollover!!

The unsold numbers are available for sale, for the rollover week only (as in only for one week and will not become your permanent weekly number).

The prize fund rolling over for this week is £15.00 and the minimum rollover prize fund should be £30.00, if the 'regulars' get their money to me on time and even more if the spare numbers are sold.

Sunday, May 13

May diary has been started

The May video diary is now underway. The video hasn't been edited yet. There was a lot to film the weekend so it is going to be tricky deciding what to leave out!
Click here to view.

Saturday, May 12

Belated Happy Birthday to Phil

pussy willow yoghurtShame on all of you for nor letting me know that it was Phil's birthday last week - I think 10th May. Now he thinks that nobody cares!

Interesting thought - the treasurer, secretary and chair of the Association are all Taureans - if my astrology is correct. With three bulls on the committee, surely we should succeed in our fund raising. Although I for one am a bit worried as we all know what female bulls are called!!

Friday, May 11

Support from another local company.

Today I received a donation form Redcats. This is the group that owns Empire Stores, La Redoute, Daxon and Vertbaudet mail order companies. Information of how much was donated will be emailed to those of you on the email distribution list and also will be posted on the site notice board.
Thanks to them for supporting us. Lots of letters out there but no-one else has replied yet!

Tuesday, May 8

Planting Potatoes - Our way

For several years now we have used a 'trenchless' method of planting potatoes. It has produced just as good results as the traditional method. Click here to read more. You never know you may fancy giving it a try next year!

Sunday, May 6

Who is your favourite TV gardener?

This year marks the 40 anniversary of Gardeners' World.
So who is your TV gardening guru?
Take part in our poll on the sidebar of the blog!

Thursday, May 3

Saturday Lotto Bonus Ball Draw.

Jo on plot 50 has volunteered to organise, (ably assisted by Paul), the Lotto Bonus Ball Draw which was suggested as an idea for fund raising at our last meeting.

The first Draw will take place on Saturday 12th May so make sure you click here first to read the rules. Then make sure that you get your stake to Jo before 5 p.m. on Saturday afternoon on 12th May!

Thanks to Jo and Paul

Wednesday, May 2

Fish and Broccoli Roly Poly

Click here for the lastest addition to Pat's recipes.