Saturday, May 12

Belated Happy Birthday to Phil

pussy willow yoghurtShame on all of you for nor letting me know that it was Phil's birthday last week - I think 10th May. Now he thinks that nobody cares!

Interesting thought - the treasurer, secretary and chair of the Association are all Taureans - if my astrology is correct. With three bulls on the committee, surely we should succeed in our fund raising. Although I for one am a bit worried as we all know what female bulls are called!!


  1. AnonymousMay 14, 2007

    If Jan is included in this, his star sign is Aries, the Ram. His birthday is the same day as mine. He's a fire sign!

  2. No I wasn't including Jan. I knew that he wasn't a Taurean but who are you and how did you escape letting us know that it was your birthday?


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