Monday, September 25

To sprinkle or not to sprinkle

I've heard a rumour the Council is about to ban the use of sprinklers at allotment sites in Wakefield.

Possible reasons are that sprinklers reduce water pressure for other users. Not true in my experience. If someone else on the plot turns on a tap then my sprinklers stops. Some evenings last summer it was not possible to use a sprinkler as there was insufficient pressure as watering cans were being filled and hose pipes used to water withering veg.

At some sites sprinklers were left on all day I've heard. Why then punish all rather than targeting anyone abusing the system. Why not initially ask allotment holders not to do this otherwise the use of sprinklers will be banned? How will any of these policies be policed? What happens if allotment holders still leave sprinklers sprinkling all day?

Any comments.

Sunday, September 24

Encouraging wildlife onto your plot

With many natural wildlife habitats having been destroyed it is more and more important that we do what we can to provide wildlife with alternative homes. Many gardeners are also very enthusiastic about wildlife preservation. The following link will take you to "Wildlife on Allotments". This is a very interesting publication by English Nature containing lots of idea on how you can encourage wildlife onto your plot.

Wildlife on Allotments

This photo was taken after moving a pile of straw, needless to say the straw was put back and that part of the plot left undisturbed until we were sure the hedgehogs had gone. Always move piles of compost, allotment rubbish etc carefully many animals consider piles such as these to be ideal winter hideaways or nesting sites. Never set light to a bonfire that has been left in situ, move the materials to a new site and then burn.

The pile of straw covering dahlias over winter was taken over by nesting bumble bees. They were no problem and had left by the time the dahlias were ready to flower.

What wildlife have you found on your plot?

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Sunday, September 10

Allotment News

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Friday, September 8

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Tuesday, September 5

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