Sunday, September 10

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  2. Can anything be done to curb the drinking culture that has started on the allotment ? I like a tipple as much as the next person but I think some people are using it as a bar-room, and perhaps neglecting their gardens.

  3. I must admit I haven't personally noticed this but maybe it is a problem on a different part of the site that I garden. Do you feel able to approach the site secretary and explain your concerns more fully and then maybe it could be taken from there.

  4. I don't think there is anything wrong with people enjoying themselves on the allotment and having a few drinks with friends. None of the plots appear to be suffering. The Association in the past has tried to have BBQ's to get people together to foster a better community spirit, although it only ever really seems to be the newer allotment holders that want to socilaise. The whole idea behind owning a plot is to have fun by growing your veg, but also by socilaising with your fellow allotment holders.

  5. This is a bit of a cutting comment y_winterberry.

    I would say that the more established allotment holders have been socialising for quite a few years but maybe not in the way that appeals to you. Not everyone likes barbecues etc. People also socialise and build a sense of community by having a chat over the garden fork. We often spend half the time gardening and the other half of the time having chats and swapping plants with fellow allotment holders both those who have had plots for many years and those who are very new. It certainly is not a case of two camps old versus new tenants as many new tenants don’t choose to socialise in the way that you describe. To make this sort of comment is in danger of creating divisions that do not exist.

    I would agree that plots don’t seem to be suffering as a result of people getting together on their plots and socialising in ways that appeal to them but please be tolerant and accept that not everyone wants to socialise in the same way as you do.

  6. OK so we were had with this one! Apparently the comment about drinkers was a joke! So we need not worry about the site turning into tap room!!

  7. Here’s the recipe for Smoky Bacon and Lentil soup that some folk have asked for.

    1.Finely chop: 2 onions, without white rot; ½ head of celery, scrounged from a proper gardener or bought; 6 carrots with or without carrot fly; a good ½ lb of dry cure smoked streaky bacon. Sweat this lot in a big misters pan for 10 minutes with a couple of bay leaves and salt and pepper.

    2.Add about a pound in weight of red lentils (or a mixture of red and green lentils) and stir.

    3.Add about 3 pints of chicken stock, either homemade or stock cubes, bring to simmering point and cook for about half an hour.

    4.If the soup is a bit thick add a bit more stock.

    5.Remove bay leaves, and serve with panache.

    May I also say what a fantastic bonfire party it was. Well done and thanks to those organised it and those that helped out.

  8. Hello, thanks for the wonderfully weird recipe! :)
    That soup is bloody gorgeous
    From Sophie ( Jans Daughter )


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