Sunday, December 30

December photo album

Click here to view the December diary page, and to view larger versions of the December photographs.

January is traditionally a time when thoughts turn to next season and we pour over seed catalogues.
Don't forget to think about using our links to Thompson and Morgan, Suttons and Dobies so we can boost our funds a little, at no extra cost to you!

Saturday, December 15

Christmas Greetings


Very best wishes to all at Green Lane
and all our visitors from elsewhere too.
From Sue and Martyn

If you wish to post a Christams message please feel free to use the comments page.

Tuesday, December 11

Eric France & Son Metals

Thanks to
Eric France & Son Metals,
EFS Group,
Embassy Works,
Church Street,
WF5 9DG.
Telephone: 0800 5424348
01924 273573
01924 266426
Member of the British Metal Recycling Association
for their help with our can collection fund

Monday, December 10

Can collection reaps reward.

We had a rather magnificent collection of cans. Now we have no cans but a welcome cash injection of £76 to our Fence Fund. The 'can dealer' had to set some of his men to sorting the cans into steel and aluminium but still he paid us the full amount due. We must sort cans in future into steel and aluminium sacks.
Thanks to Paul on plot 50 for arranging the collection, to Paul and Dunni for making sure all the cans were bagged up ready for collection and to Jan for collecting the cash.
Jan will collect the sacks soon and we will be all ready to go again - so please save all your Christmas cans and make sure all your friends do too!!
Not only does collecting the cans provide us with a source of funding but we are also doing our bit to reduce the amount of waste taken to our landfill sites and also recycling valuable resources. So well done and thank you to everyone that contributed!

Sunday, December 9

Strange but true

We had a short visit to the plot this afternoon to replenish our vegetable store and I took a few photos as it was too wet to do much gardening.
The bale of straw that we left uncovered has developed a head of hair!

straw lawn

And we have some 'volunteer' pea seedlings too!

volunteer peas

Saturday, December 8

Every cloud has a silver lining

The weather is awful again today. It seems that weekend weather has plunged on a downward spiral and I am destined to sit in doors. Maybe I am just being too soft and should be out there getting cold and wet!

One good thing about the weather is that maybe some people have been sitting browsing for gifts on the internet. Our Amazon link is starting to earn us commission - so thanks to all who are using it!

I have also had an email from Harrod's Horticultural (no relation to the Harrod's) saying that there will shortly be some commission going into our account. This ends a rather lean period for us. Harrod's have also sent us a donation to our funds as a Christmas gift so many thanks to them. Amazing how supportive this small company have been!!

Don't forget our links when browsing the Internet for gifts as we are very grateful for every single order made through our web site and blog. Every little helps!!!

Sunday, December 2

December Diary

Not much to read yet but the December diary is started so you can click here if you want to be bored! It's amazing to think the diary was started a year ago now. It will be interesting (well at least for us anyway) to see if things progress in the same vein next year. If you have been busier than us - why not post a comment?

Ladybird Life Cycle

Didn't visit the plot this week - due to snuffles and the weather so I have put together this little video instead. To read more about ladybirds on our website click here