Wednesday, May 23

Anonymous Comments

Just would like your views on anonymous comments. It seems anonymous comments are winding people up either intentionally or because they are bits of fun that go wrong. Either way should we continue to allow anonymous comments?
I can set the blog up so that only registered users can make a comment - i.e. those with Google accounts. Google accounts are easy to set up and don't cost anything. If anyone had trouble I could give instruction on how to do this. When this is done all comments are attributed to the username chosen. It's still sort of anonymous but we would know if anonymous is always the same person, unless they go to the trouble of setting up several accounts that is.

What does everyone think?



  1. Al - Plot 34May 24, 2007

    It would be nice to see the daft comments stopped, but a blogger account can be just as annonymous if the name isn't obvious as to who it is.

  2. I think its a good laugh when people make comments and you dont know who they are, as long as they dont take it too far and get too personal. Melanie.

  3. quote march 19th comments

  4. What does anyone else think?
    The idea of having a Google account does not intend to take away anyone's anonymity as people should have the right to be unidentifiable when posting on the Internet and if this allows people to voice an opinion when they wouldn't if they were identified then this is just fine.
    I wouldn't like us to think that only serious comment is allowed as the fun banter is as Mel says a good laugh! The problem with limiting to Google accounts is that people can't invent funny names when having a bit of fun!

    As Mel also says as long as no-one is attacked personally then no harm done! But it would be good to have other opinions on this? The idea of this post is to generate a debate.

  5. Al - plot 34May 24, 2007

    I think the main problem is that when stupid comments are left that hurt someones feelings, that person has no idea who it is. The upshot been that they can start blaming someone or thinking it is someone and shunning them, when that person has actually done nothing. As Jan says (on a different posting)if you have a problem with someone or something tell them.

    The other comment I have is that if this blog contains a load of bickering, anybody looking at the site who may be contemplating giving us funding may be put off.

    Can I suggest that comments are signed off with a plot number if its a serious comment and humorous comments are at least given a humorous name rather than anonymous.

  6. jock strapMay 25, 2007

    me too

  7. So does this mean that everyone including anonymous will agree to an armistice?
    No making personal and hurtful comments.
    I agree with Alastair my concern was at two levels. One to prevent causing individuals to be upset by personal remarks and secondly it is a shame to give the impression that we are always falling out with one another.


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