Wednesday, August 18

There's a hole in my apple!

As if we weren't having enough trouble with our apples - now we have a squatter!

It's sisters have also homed in on the few fruits on our yellow plum tree. (Yellow plums not yellow tree). The only plums on this tree are really high up and after much effort (Martyn's effort) trying to get them, we found these little devils had got there first. Hope they leave us some apples and plums on our other plum trees.


  1. Is that a wasp or a hornet? We have a lot of hornets on some of our apples, later they will go to pear trees.
    I hope you get some or that fruit before they eat it all.

  2. Oh no, I hope they leave the rest of your fruit alone.

  3. Is it possible that you could take a few shots of your yellow plum tree or just the fruit when you harvest. The reason I am asking is that I think there is a yellow plum tree in a nearby wood but I can't be 100% sure

  4. Hello Vrtlarica - it's a wasp and

    Jo & Vrtlarica I hope they leave something for us too.

    Hi Captain - I'm afraid there will be no fruit on the yellow plum this year - It was loaded last year and is taking the year off. The only ones were really high up which is the ones the wasps found but I'll try and find some photos taken last year

  5. well I suppose one good thing about having new trees with no fruit on is that I don't have too worry about the insects getting to them first....I guess I can be thankful for that....even though I am fruitless!!!!

  6. Some say they are good for nothing, but I hear they are good for eating the grubs on raspberries

  7. Wait til next year Tanya!

    Hi Mal, Wasps also feed their grubs on mashed aphids so in some ways they are good - they just get to be a pest when anything sweet and sticky is involved

  8. Captain Shagrat

    I've gathered together some photos for you at this link

    photo album

  9. hmmm thats interesting about your tree taking a year off after a bumper harvest. My gooseberry was really prolific last year but has only produced 4 or 5 little fruits this year.

  10. I've just seen your links, thanks very much for that. The tree in my woods did indeed have blossom similiar to that shown in your pics but the fruits look smaller than yours. It's all fun though trying to identify natures harvest.

  11. Wow... great footage although it did give me the shivers when a wasp came out of the hole. I see the wasps at the apples and sultanans that are on my ground bird feeders. The young birds seem a bit wary of them. Hope most of your fruit survives.

  12. I hang up a pheromone lure in my plum tree in Spring. Seems to work well, the maggoty-plum ratio was only about 1 in 20 this year.

  13. Hi Captain S
    Bullaces are smaller that plums and there is a yellow variety, another small yellow plum is a mirabelle but as far as I am aware these are more likely to be found growing wild in France



    Hi Shirl - fascinating though they are I'd rather the wasps left our fruit alone.

    Hello Matron - We haven't really suffered from maggoty plums - it's either wasps or a sort of mould that affects them - we have had lures amongst out apples but we're not really in a position to judge how effective these have been just yet.


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