Thursday, August 12

Email Offer from Suttons - updated with offer from Dobies

Just had this email offer that may be of interest
Homegrown veg for 6 months
ALL THIS FOR JUST £14.95! - PLUS FREE 1kg of Carlingford Potatoes

36 Plug Plants, 4 seed packets + 1kg Carlingford Potatoes FREE!

Price: £14.95
If you are interested click here

UPDATE - Dobies offer
We've ordered exactly the same plug plants (variety and number) without the potatoes and seeds for £9.95. For us it's a better option. But would you believe that since posting this information this morning that the Dobies offer has changed to this one 72 plug plants for £14.95 Double the number of plants so if you fancy the offer then you would probably need to team up with a friend!


  1. I've just been catching up with your posts from the time I've been on holiday. Your carrots are brill, I've never been successful with carrots apart from Parmex which are round stubby ones which I grew in containers. I still try every year though, I won't be beaten. What a great video clip of the goldfinch. This is the first year that I've seen goldfinches in my garden, they're such lovely little birds, and I agree with you, the benefits of having birds around far outway any problems they cause.

  2. Hi Jo
    The goldfinches seem to be regular visitors to the plum trees at the moment. Lots oftwitterings in the leaves.

  3. Wow, that seed offer looks like a great deal. If only I had the space to plant them in. Windowsill gardening definitely has its disadvantages...

  4. Hi Amy,
    I've updated this post as we found another offer that was better for us from Dobies - too much for a windowsill though - you'll have to get an allotment.

  5. I have just ordered Russian kale from UK, as we don't have it here. It is 99p/packet. Is that OK price? It is a bit expensive compared to seeds we buy here.

  6. Hi Vrtlarica
    Seed prices do vary considerably but 99p is an OK price!


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