Friday, August 13

Just goes to show you have to be quick with some special offers

Just goes to show how quickly these offers change - since posting this morning Suttons have changed their offer to the one that we have ordered from Dobies which is:
Autumn Planting Veg Collection
Some of the first vegetables in the New Year

Our collection of plants will provide some of the first vegetables from the garden in the New Year. Pack contains 36 plants (6 of each variety):
  • Sprouting Broccoli Late White - Tender white shoots from mid-March.
  • Sprouting Broccoli Claret - Large purple spears from early April.
  • Cabbage F1 Sparkel - Quick to crop and produces lots of tasty, nutritious leaves.
  • Cabbage Spring Hero - Solid heads from early May.
  • Cauliflower Mayfair - High quality curds in April.
  • Kale F1 Reflex - A heavy-cropping variety. Pick off the tasty, dark green leaves as required.
36 plants for £9.95
SAVE £4.95 on pack of 72 plants!

The Dobies offer has also changed as now you can only order 72 plants for £14.95 same as the Suttons 72 plant option. Double the number of plants so if you fancy the offer then you would probably need to team up with a friend!
Anyway I can't keep tabs on these offers so if you click and get page unavailable then I guess that you are too late!!!


  1. well the offer is still there....and now I I or don't I buy??? should I just grow my own??? I think maybe I will just grow my will be cheaper and I have the stuff.....I thought all this stuff had to be in AGES ago.....I find every year that there is still so much I don't know but I am always happy to keep learning!!!!

  2. This is really for overwintering Tanya.

    We usually grow our own stuff but it always seems difficult to keep up to stuff sown in summer which is why we just invest in some plants for this

  3. Si I can sow stuff now for planting out over winter and it will be ok????

  4. You can probably manage spring cabbage but it's a late for sowing winter brassicas now which is why we buy the plants. The winter brassicas tend to be sown by the end of June. It tends to be at a time when you are really busy so often seeds sown are a bit neglected and the plants over their best by the time there is somewhere to plant them.


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