Friday, July 30

Helping one parent families.

Unlike the social honey bees and bumble bees that live in communities most bees live solitary lives. There are more than 200 species of solitary bees found in Britain. Some solitary bees nest in holes in the ground and others in hollow stems or holes in wood.

Once the female solitary bee has emerged from her pupa and mated with a male she is on her own. Just to give her a little help up the property ladder we decided to recycle an ash tree log into ideal temproary accommodation for single parent families.
In return we expect the bees to work in lieu of rent by pollinating everything that needs pollinating in our garden and on our plot.

For the full story of how we - well Martyn - made the nesting blocks click here

More about how we are encoraging biodiversity on our plot and in our garden here


  1. AnonymousJuly 31, 2010

    Great idea for a solitary bee house. We have made a similar one few months ago. I’m not sure when are they moving in, is it before winter for hibernation? Or should they live there all the time? I haven’t noticed a lot of bees around my bee-house.

  2. Hi Vrtlarica,
    The bees use it to lay their eggs in really - they don't live in it. I guess our motel will be unused this year as they probably lay eggs between April and July. Apparently you can tell if the nesting holes are occupied as the bees seal them and leave after they lay the eggs. Maybe some other insect such as a ladybird may use it over winter.

  3. Great idea to encourage the bees in your garden. I can't wait until I've got a proper garden to be able to be a bit more wildlife friendly as well as getting some veggies on the table. Keep us updated on whether or not you get any inhabitants!

  4. Hi Amy - I certainly will - I'll be too excited to keep it to myself! Are you getting a garden soon?

  5. It's good to help our friendly bees out, these are on my list to make!

  6. Thanks for the tip! :D will do one for next season :)

  7. Hi Damo, They'd been on our list for while a while too. So far Martyn has made two - one for us and one for my sister - he now has one to make for the plot!

    Hello Craig - I'd now like a ladybird log but it needs to have an hollowed out central chamber!! Haven't told Martyn yet!


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