Thursday, July 29

I don't need them longer than this!

I was watching a TV gardening programme a few days ago and they mentioned that to obtain sweet peas with long stems they grew them as cordons and removed all the tendrils. It seemed a lot of trouble to go to as we always seem to have sweet peas with long stems without fussing them about. We choose varieties that have long stems . Granted the stems do become shorter as the plants get older. If we were growing them for showing it may be a different matter but all I want from sweet peas is a sweetly scented bunch for a vase!

Germination of the sweet pea seeds wasn't as good as usual this year so the colour range is limited - lots of pale pink but on the plus side the flowers aren't full of pollen beetles ... YET!


  1. We choose varieties that have long stems

    Please Miss? Jumping up and down at back, hand in the air ... Please Miss, which varieties would that be then?

  2. Seeing as you put up your hand BW but please sit down!
    The varieties we grew were from Kings seeds - Perfume Delight and Spencer Waved.

  3. I believe the pods which form later are poisonous, always worth mentioning where little children are concerned.

  4. i love your flowers sue

    ps started my own blog now greens allotment

  5. They look great. Like you I can't be bothered with the laying down and re-tieing on the next cane etc. I'll try your varieties as my stems are not great and infiltration into the upper eschelons of sweat pea growers at our local village show is doubtful!

  6. My first few vases were filled with long stemmed sweet peas but they got progressively shorter as the dry season progressed. We still haven't had significant rain near the East coast. A watering can just isn't the same!

  7. Green Lane Allotments said...
    I didn't know that Craig - I know laburnum are so they must be similar.

    Hi Bev - Great I'll have look then to see if you are telling the truth.

    Hope the varieties work for you Damo - if so we'll share the cup :D

    They do become shorter VH as the season goes on - our peas have been rubbish this year - it was dry when they needed it to be wet and then when they tried to pop through they were nibbled! Last year they were great. We've had plenty of rain but when it comes it all comes at once!

  8. Oh I'm just loving the sweet peas this year, everyone is growing them! Golly your stems are plenty long!

  9. Hi Carrie - And at the moment they are making my house smell gorgeous!

  10. Ours all seem to be short-stemmed, which generates a bit of "why can't you grow long-stemmed ones?"

    I can see that I'll be following your varieties next year!

  11. Hi Woody - Hope they grow as long for you too - those tiny short stems don't fit a vase very well.
    We also chose the varieties for their perfume.


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