Monday, July 5

Home Grown Horbury plans new Green Gym

Community group Home Grown Horbury are inviting all those interested in getting fitter and growing their own fruit and vegetables to sign up for the group’s first “Green Gym”.
The group is planning to use the overgrown church garden at St John’s church, Horbury Bridge as the first of many plots which will be revived by volunteers meeting up weekly to turn plots into community “allotments” that can be used by group members to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Anyone wanting more information about the scheme can come along to St John’s Church on St John’s Street, Horbury Bridge at 7pm on Monday 12th July where they can sign up for the free scheme and where the group will also be holding an edible plant “swap shop” for anyone who has potted up too many fruit and vegetable plants and wants to swap plants with other growers.
Group member Andy Austerfield said “The Green Gym’s will be a great way for anyone who enjoys gardening to meet like-minded people, get a bit of exercise and learn new growing skills whilst helping to make more pieces of land available for growing locally.”

For more information contact Andy Austerfield on 07971 098510 or email

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  1. this sounds like a lovely scheme...I think more communities should be doing this as the waiting list for allotments is getting longer by the week!!


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