Thursday, July 1

Flowers, fruit & unidentified guests.

It's July - how did it get here so quickly? I was going to hold this post until we edited the video we had taken on the plot in June but we have been so busy picking and preparing fruit that the video is still waiting. Another six punnets each of strawberries and redcurrants, a punnet of alpine strawberries and a few blackcurrants. I spent all yesterday afternoon picking redcurrants off their stems. Whilst I was doing this I had a new visitor to my garden - well it was new to me.

It looked almost golden in the sunshine and was between one and two centimetres long. Anyone know what it is and whether it is a friend or foe? Thanks to Mal from Mal's Allotments for identifying the beetle as Lagria Hirta and from the information about it, it isn't a problem.

It was my week for insects as a large moth tried to hitch a ride in our car. Again I have no idea what it is so if any expert entomologists are out their that can identify either or both of them please post a comment. 

The perennials in the garden are now beginning to pay for their keep.

You may just be able to spot where I have cut back a fading dicentra - just behind the alchemilla - I really need something in the space that it has left. It either needs to be an annual of a perennial that won't suffer hiding under the dicentra leaves earlier in the year. Something fairly low growing - any ideas?

In the garden greenhouse the grapevine is beginning it's fight for greenhouse domination and so is being kept in check - plenty of grapes for later.

My June diary - apart from the video is now complete so if you want to read the entry for last week click here. Last week's weather is here. Martyn is experimenting with a live weather link which is causing much hair tearing from him and ears closing from me - if you want to see it so far it is here. It is only live when his computer is connected to the Internet but if you have a look I'm sure he would appreciate some feedback on his blog here


  1. AnonymousJuly 01, 2010

    This is the first time I see grapevines in the greenhouse. Do you eat the grapes of make wine? We have some grapevines that are used mostly for wine production.

  2. Hello vrtlarica
    These grapes are small, sweet and seedless and we eat them as dessert grapes.
    We planted two others on the plot last year but they are not yet fruiting so I'm not sure what they will taste like.

  3. Your beetle:

    Lagria Hirta - Less common further north. It's diet doesn't appear to include vegetables.

  4. You're going to have lots of grapes, yummy. It sounds like you're getting a bumper crop of fruit this year.

  5. Hi Mal - I've checked the link and you are spot on thanks for that - it seems harmless to any crops and flowers doesn't it but must have strayed a little off it's flight path

    Jo - just as well that we love fruit. The blackbirds fly in to the greenhouse and help themselves if we leave the net off the entrance but we do leave them spoiled ones in a basket on the patio table. Spoiled redcurrants and strawberries are on the bird table at the moment so the birds do well out of it too.


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