Thursday, January 21

The raspberries have arrived.

Today the raspberry canes that were held up by the bad weather have arrived.

The parcel was huge and the plants were well protected in straw and polythene. As we only had notification that they were on their way yesterday they haven't spent very long in transit and look freshly dug.

The plants came from Keepers nursery who specialise in fruit. It's the first time we have ordered from them and are so far impressed.

We ordered three types of raspberries - Glen Magna, Glen Ample and Glen Moy which should give us an early, mid and late season harvest.

(Glen Moy has sold out so I have linked to another supplier for information on this variety).

Along with the raspberries were four blackcurrant bushes - Ben Lomond and Ben Connan and a quince tree - Meeches Prolific.

As the condition are still not ideal for immediate planting the blackurrants and quince have been potted up into large pots and the raspberries potted in variety bundles. They'll stay in our cold greenhouse which will afford some protection until they can be planted out in their final positions on the plot.

More on growing raspberries on my website click here


  1. I came upon your blog via Blotanical and happy to be here. Best of luck with the raspberries... I'm sure they will do well. Diana

  2. Hello Di and welcome,
    We will certainly do our best with the raspberries - we like to have plenty to freeze to supply us with fruit for winter.

  3. who'd have thought there were so many raspberry varieties!! I have raspberries on the allotment but no idea what sort as they were given to me by another plot owner who had loads.

  4. I also have raspberries and don’t know the variety, but they ripen very late in season.

  5. It's important to know at least whether your raspberries are summer or autumn varieties as they need a different method of pruning see web page that I've have posted a link to in the posting.

  6. It's very easy to tell the difference between autumn and summer fruiting: autumn fruiting canes will flower and produce fruit on new stems, while summer fruiting varieties will only flower & fruit on canes that are a year or more old.
    If you cut it all back this year and get no fruit, it's summer fruiting.

  7. But what a disappointment if you were dreaming of raspberry trifle!


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