Tuesday, January 19

Free Horse Manure

I have just had an email contact to my website from someone offering to deliver and supply horse manure.
My contact says:

"I personally own 4 show horses that I show on a county level all over the country and have on offer a large quantity of manure. The manure is well rotted and seems to have high worm content. The bedding we use is cardboard rather than the usual of straw or wood shavings which I personally think is much better product for bedding as it rots down much better and quicker.

All my horses are fed the best in hard food and again the best hayledge I can find so in turn I suppose the muck would be as good.

I would like to offer this manure to any allotments FREE and I can deliver this to site FREE but it has to be in a minimum of approx 3 ton loads. The delivery vehicle would a skip wagon the size of say a builders' type skip so we can basically tip the manure in a few mins".

I asked for confirmation that the manure hadn't come into contact with the dreaded aminopyralid and had this response:

"To the very best of my knowledge no herbicides have been used in the production of the hayledge and the horses I own are on my father's land in Hartshead with nothing more than cows grazing and grass grown in the near by area. The hayledge itself I collect from a farmer Thorner near Bramham who deals in the sale of this to many racing stables etc. He is one of the best growers of this in the area. The cardboard bedding I use is produced by my company Gwyn Davies Recycling and this is all brand new cardboard collected and recycled from leading package companies as redundant stocks."

My contact is based in Batley - West Yorkshire and obviously the offer is confined to this local area so if you live in West Yorkshire and are interested in taking up the offer please email Jim at gwyndavies.co.uk@btconnect.com


  1. wow..lucky you...unfortunately I don't live anywhere near here so it's no good to me but that's ok seens as my cousin is going to provide my manure for me ...hope it all works out well...oh and loving the new site layout!!

  2. Yes, you are so lucky!
    I had to use pig/rabbit/chicken manure last time, which is not high in nutrients as horse manure.

  3. Must admit we were a bit put off horse/cow manure after our problems a couple of years ago but it is difficult to know what to use instead.

    We have quite a few people who supply free around us.

  4. if their is any horse manure i will have 3 tons and glady pay delivery

    1. Sorry but this is a very old post and I don’t know whether this is available. Try the web link in the post to contact the supplier.


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