Monday, January 25

One way to keep warm on the plot!

We made our second visit of the week to the plot yesterday but didn't stay long as it was bitterly cold.

It's still too soggy to do much.

Just long enough to spray the fruit trees with a winter wash and burn a few perennial weeds which also provided us with a little bit of warmth to ward off the chill.

I also managed to take my monthly photos to add to my website diary.

Click here to view the photos.

I've also uploaded a video clip of our winter harvesting click here

I also potted up the perennials bought earlier in the week and it looks as though I may be lucky as most of them have small shoots so are definitely still alive!


  1. Depressing isn't it. I've gone into the garden and after 10 minutes I'm back in again. I need a reasonable temperature to settle to anything. Still, the weather is improving so I should be grateful. Roll on summer!

  2. Sounds like a pretty productive day! I hope your perennials do well.

  3. Productive for the weather conditions yes. Fingers frossed for the perennials!

  4. nice to see some green pictures instead of white ones!!. Our allotment has a bonfires ban in place so there will be no keeping warm for me in these colder months!1 :-(


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