Saturday, January 9

Drinking Hole

The latest visitor to our garden drinking hole was this fieldfare. Not a brilliant photo as it was taken full zoom from a bedroom window. It does show how desperate birds are to find drinking water though. It is a bird we don't often see in our garden.


It was followed by a close relative the redwing. Both are related to the song thrush as are the blackbird, robin and dunnock. The only member of the thrush family that hasn't visited us so far is the mistle thrush.



  1. very pretty birds.... I feel like I am fighting a losing battle keeping the birdbath defrosted though I have seen the birds eating the snow and I presume this is for moisture???

  2. It's a full time job but they really do need the water. I've seen birds eating snow too and also trying to take a bath in it!


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