Wednesday, January 6

Even the birds are talking about the weather!

There seems to only one thing to occupy us at the moment and that is keeping the birds supplied with food and water as the snow continues to keep on coming.

People are reporting record numbers of blackbirds in their gardens squabbling over any food being put out for them. Someone counted 15 of them at one time.

We ordered some new raspberry canes this year which were due to arrive this week. On Monday we had an email from Keepers saying because of the very cold weather and frozen ground they were unable to lift and dispatch them at present. They promise to resume deliveries as soon as weather permits. This was followed yesterday by a newsletter from Alan Roman saying our seed potato order will not be dispatched until the weather improves.

We're happy as this means we won't have to worry about what to do with plants etc arriving in freezing conditions.

All our seeds are now ordered and so it's just a case of holding tight for conditions to improve and parcels to arrive. (And hoping we don't run out of bird seed - I wonder whether they would eat old vegetable seeds - maybe not!)


  1. bummer about the raspberries...and strange about those blackbirds. Maybe you should bake a pie.

  2. Don't you need four and twenty to do that?

  3. I haven't ordered seed so don't have to worry about I just worry about everyone being so organized whilst I coast along and hope it all works out?!?!?!

  4. Seed deliveries seem to be Ok it's just when plants have to be dug or with potatoes can be affected by frost. It's actually good to know that they are taking account of the weather.


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