Wednesday, January 20

At least the snow has gone for now ...

Last week once again the weather kept us from the plot. For more about our weather click here. At least this week the rain kept off for long enough for us to add to our vegetable store.

The good news is that all our seeds have now arrived. We are just waiting for potatoes and raspberries.

Our amaryllis are now flowering but the colours are a bit of a surprise. I was supposed to have bought a white one and a pink one but have ended up with ...

a pink and white one - Appleblossom and ...

a deep pink one!

Never mind though they look beautiful whatever the colour. The third stalk of my sister's bulb is now flowering too.

For my complete January diary entry for last week click here.

1 comment:

  1. the flowers are beautiful no matter what colour...I really like the deep pink one!!! Hope the rain lets up for you soon...and then we can all get back to our plots!!


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