Sunday, January 17

The art of knowing when to stop!

Well once I had started tweaking my blog I just seemed to carry on. I found out how to get back the shadow border after a little playing about with the html coding etc. The shadow border is actually an image that repeats down the page and because I had widened the posting area it was hiding behind this.

Then I decided that it would be good for My School Vegetable Patch blog to match my School Vegetable Patch website. This meant changing the background colour. As the website system that I use doesn't provide access to the code I had to try and match the background colour of the blog to the website which was easier said than done. Any way I think it's about right now. Then the shadow border was the wrong colour so I had to change that. All that was left then was to remove the diamond striping as this no longer matched my scheme, so I created a new border for the header.

As someone noted in the last post comments - lots of people use the template that I had chosen - there aren't too many ready made templates to choose from - so I decided that I would change the schemes for this blog and Green Lane Weather Diary blog, (with my husband's permission as he looks after the weather blog), to match the other two so that I could have a personal scheme rather than one shared with so many others. I hope vrtlarica who posted that he/she wasn't keen on the green likes this green better!

Now I need to work out how I am going to make the Our Plot at Green Lane website fit in with the scheme. And the ironing is waiting for my attention too!!

More :
I said that I couldn't stop - I thought that maybe the sidebar and main panel merged together and so I have experimented with making the sidebar a different colour and adding a border - I've tested this out on my test blog here. If you have a moment to have a look and tell me what you think that would be great!


  1. I can so relate to saying stop stop no more working on the html. I love working with the code. sometimes its frustrating when things don't work out. I would find it easier to read if the sidebar either was a different colour or had a thin border around it to separate it from the main posting. I do like what you have done so far - I like the way I don't see all the links before I come to your new post. Hope that helps

  2. Thanks for the feedback it all helps as being the 'creator' you see different things to how visitors view it!

  3. I think I'll leave be strict woth myself and leave it for now but no doubt now I dare enter into the realms of html I shall be at it again at a later date.

    I want to change the header panel seasonally anyway.

  4. Hi there I see you have made some alterations to your sidebar. I like them too. If you make your margins smaller on the sidebar you should be able to get your profile up at the top under your header. Or even make the main posting alittle narrower. I did a google for you. Just save your template before you press the save button! There are plenty of sites on google that will be able to help you locate the right part of the html to change. I find that pressing control and F keys together brings up a great search key thats a great help when working in the html code.

    Hope this helps


  5. Hi,
    So do you mean to move the profile into the main panel as from what others siad they want the posting to come immediately after the header. Or do you mean to move up the side panel nearer to the header.

    I have played with margins so I've a bit of an idea where to do that.

    I mess around on my test blog as I'm not brave enough to do it for real immediately!!!

  6. Well Leavesnbloom,
    I tried the link that you gave me but the instructions didn't work on my blog.

    So playtime again and trial and error. I had to change the header padding as well as margins etc on the sidebar.

    I have three blogs all using the same basic template but the html code was different in all of them as every so often blogger updates templates. So each blog needed slightly different coding to make them each work. Don't you just love html?


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