Sunday, March 11

We've got our car park back!

Neighbourhood action have now cleared up the car parking area. This area had been used to enable new tenants to dispose of all the rubbish that they had unearthed but must now be treated as a car park again so please do not dump any more rubbish there. It is unlikely that the council will clear it again for us. Thanks to Janet and Brian Holmes, John Sharp and Steve Slade for supporting us in getting this work done!


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  2. mildly amusedMarch 25, 2007

    hard to believe it looked like this a year ago too!!

  3. Yes the car park was like this a year ago. However, the council agreed for the car park to be temporarily used as a dump until new tenants had managed to clear the debris off their plots. We agreed with Steve Slade that once this was done we would contact him and he would arange for it to be cleared permanently. This has been done as promised and now "No Tipping" signs will be provided. In future no dumping on the car park will be allowed. I believe all this had been explained earlier but just to refresh memories! Now that all plots are taken then there should be no need to dump there anyway. It would have been unreasonable to expect new tenants to take the debris that they were unearthing home. I don't think we for one could have got the supermarket trolley into our wheelie bin.

  4. It was excellent to see the photos of Green Lane on the web-site. The site looks really well, and has improved tremendously in the last couple of years. It is great to see the interest and enthusiasm that plot holders are putting into their gardens, and the improvements to the site are down to your efforts.

    I’d like to congratulate Sue on being elected chair of the allotments association, and look for to working with her, and the committee, and with Jan, to continue to improve the site.

    As you will be aware, the car park has now been cleared and tidied up. Hopefully, the arrangement to use it temporarily as a dumping ground, has allowed most of the long-standing rubbish that had accumulated, to be removed. The intention, now, is for the car park to revert to it’s proper purpose, and should no longer be tipped on.


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