Sunday, March 4

Don't be ruled by the calendar

Some new plot holders are getting a bit worried about not being able to plant potatoes etc due to the wet soil conditions. Don't worry - we have planted potatoes as late as the end of April and they have caught up!

Books, TV programmes etc often give advice based on ideal conditions and can give the same advice regardless of where you garden. The basic rule of thumb is that if the planting of seeds etc. is delayed then they do catch up. If you plant when conditions are poor then the seeds will not grow and will either rot or die!

Forecasts don't look too promising yet but lets all keep our fingers crossed for some dry weather!

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  1. Hi,
    We had the same problem in our garden. It was too wet, but now my husband have managed to plant potatoes. He has put seeds of tomatoes (several sorts) and seeds of peppers (in French : " poivrons "). These seeds are in little pots in a greenhouse in our garden, they are sheltered from wind.

  2. Hi Odette,
    And we thought it was just England that had lots of rain.


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