Sunday, March 25

Election Result

The public count for the election for chair of the Green Lane Association took place this afternoon.
The new chair of the association is Sue on plot 41 (and assisting husband on plots 28, 29, 30 and 42).

The following posts were made without election as there was only one nominee for each:

Secretary of the association is Phil - plots 24 and 49
Treasurer of the association is Simon - plot 23 (who has asked me to point out that he has been a considerable help on plot 24!)

Extended management committee:
Paul - plots 57 and 58 representing the hen men (and women)
Martyn - plots 28, 29, 30 and 42 (and helping Sue with the digging etc. on plot 41) - co author of the website and blog
Alastair plot 56 (and helping Karen on plots 33 and 34)

Out of 40 possible votes, 38 were received which is really great! It was also really good to see so many people attending the count - I hope that we can keep your interest going.

I want to keep everyone included and informed as much as possible so will be creating periodical newsletters. It would really help if most of these could be emailed to you, so if you have access to email would you send me your address using the link on the blog. The email sent to this address is only accessed by Sue who will pass on any email intended for the site secretary.

Jan, the site secretary and I look forward to working with all of you to make Green Lane a site to be proud of!



  1. Congratulations to Sue.
    Regarding the newsletter, there is already a newsletter in place (although not issued for a while as there were no contributions)but if people wish me to continue editing it I am more than willing.

  2. Thank you for your offer Alastair but the newsletter will be sent out by the chair of the association on behalf of the association and the site secretary.


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