Wednesday, March 21

Take part in our new poll.

Read Sarah Raven's comments click here. Let us know where you stand on growing maincrop potatoes by taking part in our new poll on the sidebar of the blog. Tell us which variety of potatoes you grow by making a comment on the post! Do you have any trade secrets (that you are willing to share) when growing potatoes?

The results of our last poll on the most hated pest was:
Slugs were top of the hate list, however whitefly came close behind. Not many votes though considering how many visitors we have. If you have an idea of a subject for a later poll then post a comment here.


  1. The biggest pest on our allotment is Jan

  2. Who does he think he isMarch 22, 2007

    How about a poll for best looking gardener; well, a poll for 2nd best looking cos we know who the 1st is. Me !

  3. So give me the list of contenders!

  4. Stevie WonderMarch 23, 2007

    Everybody knows who the best looking gardener is. Its that handsome guy in the leeds utd shirt

  5. Forgot to ask - who is me - oh sorry everyone likes to stay anonymous don't they?


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