Saturday, March 17

Do you agree with Sarah Raven?

Quote below from the Telegraph article click here.

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Sarah says:
"I don't think it's worth growing the majority of maincrop potatoes as you can buy good organic ones easily now and, on the whole, commercial growers store them better than we can at home. Lots of mine end up rotting or sprouting and I have to chuck many away".

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  1. Soz, but I can't agree with this comment. I was eating my last Cara spuds 2 weeks since and they were fantastic. Some spuds will spoil over the winter months but for the price, time and effort you can't compare home grown to shop bought - even organic. One question to ask is; are the spuds this woman advocates english or are they from forign climes ?

  2. I grow Charlotte spuds a variety Sarah recommends. I have no trouble keeping them thro the winter. I grow various salad varieties as maincrop spuds for their flavour. Still have some left which might last another month. Salad varieties definitely worth growing. Expensive to buy in the shops at any time of year.


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