Monday, March 19

Allotments Association Election

If you haven't already voted in the election of chair of the Allotment Association you still have time to do so!

Jan has the voting slips and envelopes, so see him if you still haven't registered your vote. Each official plot tenant is entitled to one vote regardless of the number of plots being rented.

All voting slips must be returned to Jan in time for the count at a meeting of the Association this coming Sunday March 25th at 2:00 p.m.

The count will be held on Jan's plot and all plot holders are welcome to attend.

Could you please pass on this information to plot holders who do not have access to the blog.


  1. concerned plotterMarch 22, 2007

    I have just been reading the list of nominees that are posted on the notice board.I see that names have been added after the deadline. I thought the whole idea of a democratic vote is to put your name up for public viewing and let the plotters decide.

  2. An independent adjudicatorMarch 22, 2007

    Yes but,
    Any name entered before midnight on the deadline day is as valid as any name put down at the meeting in the pub.
    If people do not agree with any last minute additions, then they can use there vote to reflect there feelings

  3. How does Concerned Plotter know which names were added after the deadline ? The chairman who removed the list on the last day of Feb may well have added names at the last minute. Perhaps a bit sneaky but not wrong to have done so.
    And as to Independant Adjudicator's comment, how can anyone use their vote to show their grievance, when the voting is between Al and Sue (who weren't late additions to the nominee list)?

    It was an over-sight at the last meeting in not establishing the number of people who can sit on the committee. As it stands if your name is on the list you're on the committee. I don't know if this is good or bad.
    Either way it would have been nice to let people show agreement to the nominees on the committee list by having to vote them in. Again as the ballot paper is only for the Chair, we'll never know how people feel about committee members.

  4. man in two mindsMarch 22, 2007

    I`am in total agreement with you fed up, but how do nominees stand when they have put their names up for two positions i.e simon/alistair.surely they should be voted in or not

  5. Its only an allotment associationMarch 22, 2007

    From the meeting in the pub I thought all positions would be decided my ballot(unless only one person nominated) or I would have put my name down on the list for the committee.

    I put forward that at the meeting at Jan's plot we wait for the results of the chairmans ballot and there first act is to make a ruleing on the number of committee members and have a ballot a week later allowing people to see the late additions for the committee.

  6. elderberry wineMarch 22, 2007

    I thought you had already put your name forward for the committee!

  7. Unless someone else has its not on

    It would be nice to know whos names are on


  9. To "if it's only an allotment association"

    If it's only an allot assoc. then why would you want to be on the committee ? And why would you be scared to stand in a vote?
    Assuming you are eligible to be on the committee.

  10. Ask someone to put your teddy back in your cot.

    Are we all not eligible to be on the committee.

    Or do you have some secret agenda.

    This Association sounds as democratic as Zimbabwe

  11. Well! What a surprise I had when I just logged on to see all this discussion generated.

    I would just like everyone to know that I have not made any of these comments. I have been blamed for doing other things that I knew nothing about so I can just imagine being blamed for starting all this discussion.

    For this reason I am posting a comment in my real name!

    To add another comment though - maybe we should give plotters the right to object to anyone volunteering for the committee. A bit like when a jury is signed in. If enough people object then a person can be asked to withdraw. We would need to agree on the how many was enough though. Maybe 6 or so?

  12. Paul & Jo Plot 50March 22, 2007

    to quote :-
    Its only an allotment association said...

    I put forward that at the meeting at Jan's plot we wait for the results of the chairmans ballot and there first act is to make a ruleing on the number of committee members and have a ballot a week later allowing people to see the late additions for the committee.

    Sounds fair to us

    Paul & Jo Plot 50

  13. Just to confirm, the only names on the lists are those that were on the sheets by the deadline.

    My own opinion on the committee is that all members of the site have a vote, the committee should be there to help make sure decisions taken are implemented. i.e. people on the committee are there to help get things done, but do not have any more decision making or voting capacity than anybody else on the plot. Committee members also include the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.

    As far as I am concerned everybody could be on the committee, it just means more helpers!!

  14. Did "concerned plotter" look at both notice boards or just one. The list on the boards at the moment is an amalgamation of the mominations form from both notice boards.

  15. Hi again,
    I have just had another read of all the comments. It's good that Paul and Jo feel they can let us know who they are as I really don't know how many people have actually made a comment so it is hard to judge how strong feelings actually are in general.

    In danger of boring everyone rigid – I’d like to make a few additional comments.

    How many extra names are on the list now? As far as I know at the last count there were 6 in total including those who had been nominated or nominated themselves for chair, secretary and treasurer? Are there any more?

    I don't see a problem with people being nominated for one of the roles and also the general committee but it would smack of desperation if someone nominated themselves for two of the three roles above. I don’t think anyone has done this have they? Or there would have to be two elections!

    From what I have heard many allotment sites have difficulty in recruiting people interested enough to be on a committee. We don’t want to put anyone off by saying that every committee member should be elected. In effect every plot holder is a committee member. The idea of having a named committee was more to ensure that a certain number of people attended association meetings. If so many people really want to be on the committee then maybe we need to ask the question – do we need a committee – anyone should be invited to attend any association meetings if they wish to. Anyone who is willing to help in any way to gain funding or improve the quality of our site should be welcomed with open arms!

    Someone mentioned that it wasn’t Zimbabwe but if the elected chair makes the decision on how many, or who should be on the committee than it will share a characteristic – be a dictatorship. The chair should facilitate decisions and carry out the wishes of the majority, not actually make decisions! Any proposals for any changes that affect us all should be decided by all of us not just a few.

    I hope that everyone is interested enough to attend Sunday’s meeting and would like to wish Alastair good luck who just bet me to it with a posting - I just probably wrote too much. Hopefully if we agree on so much then it shouldn't matter who is elected chair on Sunday should it?

  16. Bloke missing teddyMarch 22, 2007

    To "it's only an allot assoc"

    Have I hit a raw nerve ?

    If you want ot be on the committee that bad, get your name on the tenancy so you're eligilble to vote (and thereby also stand for committee). If you already are, why didn't you put your name on the list ? If you think that being on the committee is some sort of free-ride or that it means you've got "power" then you're wrong. you've no more say than anyone else. It will though involve time and effort given up for others. That means time and effort that is unrewarded and thankless; working for the benefit of the site and all the plotters, not just for yourself. Are you prepared to do that or are you going to sit back and let one or two carry the burden of making the assoc. work ?

    But perhaps you've got a point; maybe, other than the Chair, there should be a vote for the rest of the committee, and for a defined number of committee members. That means you can throw your hat in to the ring. Why don't you stand for Assoc. Secretary ?

    And as for the implication that it's not democratic, what you really mean is you've not got things your way!

    Join in, and help make it work.


  17. Why can't we all play nicely together?

    We all have a common aim which is to grow fruit and veg. The social side of the allotment is also very important to me and I just hope that after Sunday's meeting all of the comments and allogations seen on the Blog can be put aside and that we can all get along together again with no hard feeling between anyone.
    It is my hope that the Association is a success and that fund raising for the fence etc. continues and expands to hopefully involve everyone on site.
    See you all on Sunday!

  18. Debate is healthy!
    We still haven't got quite as cut throat as the some politicians.

    And I am sure everyone will play together nicely once the air is cleared.

  19. SIMON (plot 23)March 23, 2007

    I have just read all the comments posted on blog and i think the majority of the comments have got some good points.What it has created is a forum for plotters to dicuss points or air their views.Possibly some plotters feel the only way to air their views is via this forum.Well to me that is good at least i know before the meeting on sunday the feelings of at least some of the plotters.surely the more thoughts and ideas posted on the blog is only of benefit to the G.L.A.A.

  20. Paul (Plot 50)March 23, 2007

    Anonymous have to agree with you,

    also would like to thank all the people that have put there name up for a post.

    Admitadly I have made some of the posts above, ask me in person and I will tell you which ones

    If we all put this much feeling into fund raising money for the fence we can have it gold plated

    See you all Sunday if not before

    Paul (Plot 50)


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