Monday, September 20

A week away from it all?

We spent last week on holiday in the Cotswolds. We rented a 'cottage' in the village of Apperley which is near to Tewkesbury and was ideally placed for us to explore part of the Cotswolds.

The 'cottage' was a Grade II listed building with a quarter acre of land. This was mainly left to grass.
We were very lucky with the weather as any rain fell later afternoon or evening after we had returned to the cottage so we were able to visit quite a few of the picture postcard Cotswold villages and also manged a visit to Hidcote Manor. We had heard so much about it the we couldn't stay in the area without paying a visit.
Hidcote didn't disappoint. If you are interested in viewing some of the hundred (well OK 98 as I deleted some) photos and a short video of our visit click here

Photos of some of the villages that we visited are shown in last week's diary entry on our website here

Although we arrived back home on Saturday, Sunday was a miserable day so we didn't manage a visit to the plot so have no idea of how things are doing after a week of neglect but things are continuing to ripen in the garden greenhouse.
There are also new flowers in the garden and lots of berries on the pyracantha which will no doubt soon be enjoyed by the birds. So we haven't really been missed - except maybe by the fish!


  1. Oh what a lovely place to stay:). Thanks for the help with how to grow potatoes in containers.

  2. Hi MKG - Yes it was a lovely place - hope the potatoes grow well for you.

  3. I love looking at pictures of UK countryside and gardens. I think it is because you have so much rain, that trees and grass looks so much greener.
    Beautiful photos!

  4. Hi Vrtlarica - it's raining as I type!! It sort of seems to be all or nothing we had a really dry spell through spring.

  5. Glad you enjoyed your week away..and I'm sure the plot managed just fine for a week on it's own!!

  6. It looks like a lovely place to visit, it's a part of the country where I've never been. I'm sure everything will be doing fine at the plot.

  7. Hi Jo, Paid a plot visit today and things not too bad - bit of wind damage but lots of weeds and stuff to harvest


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