Saturday, September 18

Do you have or help in a school garden?

You may have already visited my School Vegetable Patch website and blog. I know from visiting other blogs that some of you work in school or help out with a school garden.

On my website I'm trying to post articles about existing school gardens - especially vegetable gardens.

The idea is to give ideas, tips and advice to any school just starting out. To give you some idea of what I am looking for just visit this page

Schools seem to be very shy of sending in information but I do have two examples sent in by a fellow blogger - Liz aka The Nutty Gnome If you can help by encouraging your school to send in something similar then that would be just great. Just email me so we can have a 'chat'.


  1. My nephews school is big on gardening and they have an allotment and a natures bit...I think you saw there greenhouse on my blog...I will have a chat to the headmaster and see what he says.

  2. A great idea!
    Is good for kids to get involved in the garden, they learn a lot about nature, and life. I started on gardens when i was a kid, and I am still into it.
    I hope you get a lot of schools to join your project. Good luck!

  3. I do remember Tanya and remember that you had already said that you would ask in school after the holidays which prompted me to think that there may be some other readers out there who could send something for me to incude. Photos and text don't have to be done by adults - it makes a good literacy project for children to report on what they have done.

    Hello ~fer School gardening is one of the current trends in the UK with all sorts of projects going on, WE also have lots of children with parents on our allotment site.


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