Saturday, September 11

Panic in the kitchen?

So what would you do if this suddenly appeared in your kitchen. Our first reaction was to run - no not away - for a camera. I tried to get a photograph but the thing moved far too quickly and being on a window the camera wanted to focus on something outside. Martyn did however manage to get this bit of video.
After a bit of research I think this is a wood wasp. Apparently she is totally harmless. The thing that looks like a hyperdermic needle ready to give a nasty sting is actually her egg laying tube! (That's why I referred to her as she - the male unsurprisingly doesn't have one).

After being a reluctant star of our film we bravely set her free outdoors. I say bravely as at the time we didn't know she was harmless.

The second half of the film clip is a repeat of the first bit but has been slowed down so that you can see the creature better.


  1. Never seen one before, if you didn't know you think that was a big sting just waiting to sink into you. Glad to know they're harmless.

  2. Think it is an Ichneumon Fly.

    Still harmless, though

    Nice video!

  3. Urgh, I don't like the look of it. Glad to know it's harmless though.

  4. it does look very threatening, good that is harmless

  5. I wouldn't have tagged it as a wasp at first sight as there aren't the I'm glad that sting is harmless!!

    Did you learn anything about them? Do they live in hives like the other wasps?? Do they have stings at all? What about the males?

  6. Hi all - Yes we were a bit worried at first.
    I hope it is an Ichneumon compostwoman as they are great for controlling the numbers of cabbage whites I have a picture of a parasitised caterpillar on the video of the butterfly life cycle on this page of my website here

    Hi Tanya - there are lots of types of wasps but only some are stripey and yellow and black when I get chance I'll study them a bit more. I know that no male wasps sting and have a veru short self life - the only purpose being to mate with the females.


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