Tuesday, September 21

After a week away ...?

We managed our first visit to the plot after our holiday so what did we find?

It's obviously been windy as one runner bean teepee has been blown over and other things look windswept.

The weeds have shot up everywhere and the grass needs cutting.

The courgettes are still producing

There were even some strawberries ready to pick.

As well as lots of other things to harvest.

All in all things seem to have survived!


  1. I hope that the beans are not pulled out with roots and that they are OK.
    The rest looks great, harvest especially!
    Are those onions or leeks on second picture?

  2. We do have three other teepees Vrtlarica and loads of beans so it isn't a disaster - the second photo is of spring onions.

  3. You're right, it was windy last week. Strawberries in September can't be bad.

  4. The strawberries are from the runners I took last year Jo - they were planted fairly late but we do have some fruits on our everbearing variety which I think is Flamenco.

  5. Our huge bean frame blew over a couple of weeks back. It just 'helped' the beans to dry faster - they were Serbian Pole Beans and destined for drying anyway, fortunately, as the roots had been pulled clear out of the soil.

  6. I always think its kind of nice to visit after a while and see what delights await you...it's just a pity that weeds are always in the mix!!

  7. That is a lot harvest. Stocking up for winter?

  8. Hello VH - I haven't tried drying beans but from your blog you seem to be a dab hand at it.

    Hi Tanya - Mmm but I suppose if weeds didn't grow little else would.

    We're like squirrels aren't we MKG?

  9. to be blown over is no big deal to beans...they are so used to being aerial. As long as the roots still intact beans would just laugh it off. ~bangchik

  10. The beans were probably past their best anyway Bangchik as we hadn't picked any for over a week.

  11. It looks like a great harvest
    so many flowers! and must be nice to have strawberries too.

  12. Hello ~fer I guess the strawberries will soon be no more - the first frost will put paid to any more fruits!

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