Wednesday, October 21

Today is Apple Day

Apparently last year the British ate twice as many imported apples as grown in Britain. We have been lucky enough to eat apples straight from our trees this year from both the garden and the allotment and they have been delicious. The ones pictured above were growing in our garden. We planted this tree as a cordon a long time ago. But now it just does its own thing! As we planted several varieties we are unsure of which this is. We think it may be Peasgood Nonsuch - anyway it's a really good apple!
Apple Day was set up as a celebration of the many varieties of apples grown on our home shores and also to act as a warning of what we could lose if we don't support locally grown produce.

For a brief history of Apple Day click here.

Articles from the Telegraph click here and here

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  1. The apples look delicious...I have a freezer full from what people have picked and given me and I am hoping to get some fruit trees of my own for next year!!


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