Saturday, October 10

Still picking strawberries

The treatment given to our strawberries after fruiting worked so well that we now have a healthy show of new leaves and are still gathering fresh strawberries. The plants are still producing lots of flower but I expect the frost will soon put paid to that. However, it's good to note that the plants are flourishing and may repeat the bumper crop that we enjoyed this year.

Top Tip:
If you find a strawberry that has been nibbled by slugs, don't remove it. If you leave it on the plant then the slug will return to eat more of this berry and not move on to another victim. When I read this I was sceptical but it worked - apparently it works with tomatoes too. I'm not sure how it works but maybe slugs follow their scent back to the place where they had a good meal. If a berry has been 'broken into' maybe the scent is stronger or it is easier to tuck in.

1 comment:

  1. We are still getting strawberries on our allotment too!! We haven't had any slug problems this year but thanks for the tip...I will remember it.


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