Tuesday, October 6

As usual the months tick on by - October's diary has now been started!

October was heralded by fierce winds that have either stripped most leaves from bushes and fruit trees or reduced them to tatters. The large felty leaves of the kiwi are now brown and shrivelled and the banana plants in the garden are completely tattered and sorry looking.

One positive is that the strong winds have at least kept any signs of frost at bay.

It's a good plan to gather in your squash and pumpkins before Hallowe'en or they may just disappear! Now that much of the plant growth has died down they tend to advertise their presence and could be tempting to wouldbe witches and warlocks!

Click here for October's diary


  1. a lovely array of pumpkin and squashes...will you post pics of jack o' lanterns??

  2. Hi Tanya,
    Must admit to only having made a jack o' lantern once but if people send me any photos I'll certainly include them - there's a challenge!!


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