Tuesday, October 20

Choosing next year's seed potatoes?

Last week we dug the last of our potatoes and this week we have been browsing seed potato suppliers trying to decide which varieties to plant next year. There always seems to be so much to take into consideration. Suppliers are obviously going to present the seed potatoes that they sell in the best light so a website such as The British Potato Variety Database can be a good source of information.

Suttons Patio Potato Starter Kit
Click here for seed potatoes from Dobies
Click here for seed potatoes from Unwins

Potato Council website

Click here for products that may be useful when buying seed potatoes


  1. thanks for the tip and website...very useful.

  2. It would be interesting to know which varieties everyone grew last year and how well they did. What type of soil they grew on and where in the country they were grown etc.

  3. I grew Maris piper and aaron pilot last year...my soil has quite a lot of clay but the potatoes produced quite well with the Maris piper being the heaviest cropper but they were difficult to cook right..one minute they weren't ready and the next they fell apart..i am growing different varieties this year and comparing notes!!


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