Tuesday, October 6

NEWS FLASH Lost Cause?

New! Information on the lifting of the suspension of aminopyralid approvals
It would appear governement ministers have accepted the ACP recommendation that aminopyralid have its licence reinstated

More information on the Manure Matters website here

I suppose all we can do now is hope that the stewardship works but manure will be off our shopping list for the foreseeable future!

So what do you think? Comments are welcome.


  1. Lets wait for the effect on farmers who get rid of their ragwort and docks but kill their potatoes and legumes. I agree that manure is off the menu for us all unless we get a real guarantee of purity. And all those half used containers of Forefront will be out again for spot spraying in the pastures. No more manure for me - just my home grown compost, chicken pellets, Groworganic and mushroom compost - at least until that gets contaminated too!

  2. As gardening is my biggest passion, I enjoyed going through your blog. Keep on posting.

  3. Thanks for the update Susan - be interesting to see how many growers are 'once bitten, twice shy'.

    I'm sticking with my chicken manure pellets for now....

  4. I'll continue to add any information about victims to my website so if you have been or become a victim let me know!

    We'll see if the new stewardship actually works!

    Apparently it may not be just farmers and stable owners who will be using the newly reinstated chemical. The Manure Matters website has this quote "In specific formulations it also has the potential to control invasive weeds, such as Japanese knotweed, in amenity areas and industrial sites".


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