Saturday, June 12

Some like it wet!

This fungus seems to fruit every year - it grows through a hole in the centre of a slice of tree trunk that we have on our plot. I guess you are wondering what a slice of tree trunk is doing there? Well it's one of our attempts at providing a range of habitats for minibeast but it seems to also be much loved by fungi!

Anyone any idea what sort of fungus it is? It seems the rain this week has caused it to suddenly appear.

Last year we bought a kit for growing oyster mushrooms. Short pieces of dowel were impregnated with spore which had to be placed in holes drilled into a freshly cut log (probably the hardest bit was finding a freshly cut log!) This is now propped against our magnolia tree.

It's been like that about a year with no sign of any mushrooms yet! There is a bit of furry white stuff growing round the dowels pieces.

It is only a tiny bit but could it be the start of a crop of oyster mushrooms - I do hope so!


  1. oh I love mushrooms...i saw a kit in home base for growing shitake mushrooms which I use quite a bit in a Japanese dish I cook...never had the courage to actually buy them though...maybe next year. I do hope your mushrooms grow soon...and sorry no idea what the others are.

  2. I don't even like fungi (to eat) but that is an absolute beauty. I have no idea what it is though.

  3. Oops Tanya - I think ours ARE shitake not oyster. We shared the order with friends and I think they took the oyster ones - we'll have to wait and see

    Carrie - There are some really beautiful ones.


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