Tuesday, June 8

June growth spurt?

June sees plants in both plot and garden putting on a growth spurt. The spell of good weather - will it come back ? made us speed up the action too - planting, weeding and watering.

We planted two varieties of sweet corn Sweet Nugget & Tasty Gold. As the plants are wind pollinated both were planted on blocks and to avoid cross pollination also planted in separate areas of the plot.

We have also started to plant out tomato plants in the plot greenhouse using a makeshift ring culture method.

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  1. I hope the good weather will return, we're staying in the UK again this year for our holidays so I'm banking on some sunshine. I managed to get my tomato plants set in to their final positions at the weekend. Now we've just got to wait for the tomatoes to arrive.

  2. I am hoping the good weather returns for the weekend when i will have time to get plenty of digging done...curious to know if there is a big difference in taste of the two corns....whether one does better than the other and also which one you prefer...do hope you tell us!!

  3. Hi Jo - I hope so too as we will also have a holiday in the UK

    Hello Tanya - I will try and remember to feedback on the corns - they are both the super sweet types.

  4. Not growing corn this year. I don't have that much room and I begrudge the space for a couple of ears per plant.
    You can't beat the taste fresh from the plant into the pot though can you?

  5. Hello VH,
    Corn is rather hungry of space but put another way a corn plant doesn't take any more room than a cabbage or cauliflower - not on our plot anyway - we grow them fairly closely. You are right nothing is quite like corn straight from the plant - although we have to freeze quite a lot.

  6. Growing corn myself for the first time this year, will be interested to see how it turns out.

  7. I'm sure that you'll love it Damo


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