Monday, June 14

June blows hot and cold

June definitely seems to have a split personality. It can't decide whether to blow hot or cold. It seems to enjoy teasing us - one minute it is lovely and sunny and the next cold and wet. It must be even more confusing for plants and animals. Long daylight hours should mean summer!

This week it has certainly had us dashing in and out of doors. We still have plenty of plants in the cold frame waiting to be planted out in the garden or on the plot.

The main plot activity has been to plant out runner beans and to uncover the dahlias.

In the greenhouses the main activity has been the final planting out of our tomato plants.

The Glencoe raspberry that we planted last year looks as though it is going to have plenty of berries.

This is just one plant - it forms a vigorous clump and so is probably best in an allotment. It's supposed to produce a high yield of delicious dark purple raspberries. Although it seems expensive compared to the more usual raspberries - you only need one plant! It should ripen mid July so I'll let you know what it tastes like.

Redcurrants are beginning to ripen and are no doubt being monitored by eager blackbirds so the netting will need to soon come out of storage.

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  1. well it looks like your fruit is doing well....I don't think I will be getting much fruit this year but I patiently wait for next year.. :-)

  2. AnonymousJune 14, 2010

    Those Glencoe raspberries sound very interesting. I have around 30 raspberry plants and they have only few flowers each. I am interested in seeing if they are tasty as regular raspberries.

    I hope weather improves for you.

  3. We're going backwards in Edinburgh. I've been putting things back in the greenhouse, and from the greenhouse back in the house tonight. My Basil Peppers and Cucumbers are going yellow and giving up the fight! Hope my courgettes at the plot are strong enough to survive...

  4. I will have to look into the Glencoe raspberry, it sounds interesting. My netting came out yesterday for the strawberries, I don't want those pesky birds getting to them before I do.

  5. Hi vrtlarica - I'm interested to know what they taste like too - I did have an email from a woman who said they were too vigorous for her which is why I siad it was maybe best on an allotment.

    Mal - hope the weather improves soon - it seems better today

    Jo - It's a pity you can't net for slugs too. Somehow last year we saw a magpie flying away with a strawberry despite the net. Cheek!

  6. Hi your fruit looks good, we picked a huge bowlful of strawberries this evening which are heaven, the girls love them!

  7. Hi Damo,
    So ... so jealous - we have just netted ours today as they are just beginning to turn red - can't wait!

  8. Interesting to read Mal's comment. I noticed today that despite being in rich soil with oodles of well-rotted cow muck and being plenty moist enough, my courgettes, pumpkins and butternut squash are all looking a bit yellow and sorry for themselves. Ruddy cold in Cumbria too!

  9. Mal and BW it was a warm day yesterday here and looks set to be the same today so I hope your weather has improved too.

    I noticed last night in the newspaper review they said that we could have drought conditions this summer!!


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