Monday, June 21

Little and Large

Like many other bloggers we had our first 'real' picking of strawberries this week. Some teased me by showing their bright red side only to be pale and unripe on the underside but we still had plenty to fill a punnet. The alpine strawberries are also producing and should continue until the first frosts. Both were delicious.
Redcurrants are just about ready to start picking - in spite of netting them and scrutinising the 'cage' for any bird entry points - the blackbirds still seem to be finding a way in to steal some. I think they must have a tunnel - when we are at the plot they sit complaining at us!
The new quince has produced a few fruits which I should no doubt have snapped off but I can never bring myself to do that. New pears have one or two fruits too. It may mean less of a crop next year but then again we don't need a massive crop.

The cranberries pose a bit of a conundrum. We have two identical plants in identical pots, compost and positions. One is covered with flowers and the other has none - fickle or what?

Our first kiwi flower has opened (see here) the only problem is that I am sure we bought two plants as they needed to cross pollinate and only one plant is flowering - can anyone send me an envelope full of kiwi pollen?

Still on the subject of fruits, I noticed a bit of woolly aphid on the apple trees so i guess today I will have to wield a toothbrush - a yukky job but someone has to do it!


  1. We're hpong for our first strawberries tomorrow. Like you said, lots are ripe on one side!

  2. I'm so envious of all your fruit...i can't wait until next year when my trees will be established enough to bare fruit and my bushes will have recovered from the fire......we have plenty of strawberries though!!

  3. Our strawberries are getting into their stride now, we picked another punnet full last night. Looks like you're going to have plenty of fruit.

  4. Don't worry VH - I regularly type strange words!

    Tanya - enjoy the strawberries
    Jo - We are now picking a punnet a day - it's a pity they don't spread themselves out more. A large frog is living in one strawberry bed so I hope it is keeping down the slugs.
    The netting over our redcurrants seems to be developing large holes and blackbirds are taking full advantage - not sure how the holes are being created - can blackbirds use scissors?

  5. oh it all sounds heavenly - enjoy every mintue and keep me up to date with lots of photos xxx

  6. Carrie - If it's photos you want see the next post with the link to my photo album which is bursting with photos!


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