Monday, May 31

What have we done to upset our visitors?

The birds that usually flock into our garden seem to have deserted us. We couldn't keep up with them in filling bird feeders etc. But now ... we have the faithful blackbirds.

Mr Blackbird
and Mrs Blackbird

And we catch sight of the great tits that are feeding their young in the sparrow terrace! But other than that and some birdsong the birds seem to have abandoned us. Earlier as we sat at the dining table there was plenty of action around feeders and bird baths ... now ...

We went to Fairburn Ings last week - an RSPB reserve near to us - and everyone seemed to catch a glimpse of kingfishers - that is - you've guessed it - except us! The birds that we did see couldn't bear to look at us!

We had heard and seen goldfinches in and around the garden so whilst we were at Fairburn we bought a feeder especially for them.

Were they grateful? ... NO! I know it's only a small feeder but it was the only size they had and after all it's the thought that counts. So has anyone else suddenly noticed a distinct lack of birds? Or is it just us that has upset them.

One creature that is happy is - or maybe are - the hedgehog(s) who come every night to clear up whatever the birds have left. And a good job they make of it too!

Added later this afternoon - could we have the answer?
PS - I had a thought this afternoon as I watched a blue tit pecking in our plum tree at the allotment. It looked to be insect hunting. I know young nestlings need a diet of insects when developing their feathers - I wonder if this is why our bird food isn't good enough at the moment!


  1. I've sees goldfinches in our garden for the first time this year. They're about quite often and they're more than happy to eat the usual bird seed in the feeder. We went to Newmillerdam yesterday and there were lots of birds sitting on their nests in the water, some of them with young in. I've never seen kingfishers at Fairburn either.

  2. I'm still getting plenty of birds....maybe you need to try something different to feed them. I currently came across fat blocks filled with meal-worm and they absolutely adore this as they do the meal-worms themselves...i have also added bloodworm to the birdbath and such like before which the birds love to eat!!

  3. We have had goldfinch eating the normal food too Jo but we just thought we'd give them a treat. We'll have to pop to Newmillardam it's very near to us - I used to work just up the road from there at Woolley.

    Tanya - the birds seem to disappear for a short time each year at this time and then come back again with young a little later. We put loads of diferent types of food out for them but I must admit to being too squeamish to offer live insects or worms.

  4. Is your bird feeder close to the house? I've found that some birds will come near when desperately hungry, but since spring, all of our blue tits have become more picky. I have moved the feeder further from the house and they are a bit happier there. They aren't feeding as much though, my peanuts have gone mouldy!

  5. Hi Jome,
    Some of the feeders are close to the house but the bird table isn't and is usually swarming with birds. I think the birds tend to avoid the peanuts when feeding the young - I guess they take too long to mess about with and the young can't eat them.

    I guess our bird count numbers will be really low.


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