Saturday, May 29

Bank holiday offers from seed companies

I guess most people have bought al the seed that they want and more but I as it is the bank holiday some seed companies are giving special offers - probably to clear their stocks.

Just in case you are unaware and want to take advantage these are a few that I have had emails about.

Ends Midnight Sunday 13th June 2010

Sutton seeds offer for one week

Dobies appear to have the same offer!

They also have a clearance sale of things other than plants click here to view the selection.

Two Wests have a sale of garden products available 'til 2nd June


  1. La la la, I didn't hear that. I can't buy any more seeds.

  2. I'm with Jo - la la la, can't hear you.

    Now off I go to look up anything perennial I can sow in late summer ...

  3. I definately don't need any more seeds so it's just as well I don't live near Sutton or Cheshire (shhhh....I'm being thick on purpose!!)

  4. Hi BW - Why should I be tempted by myself - I did succumb and buy some perennial plants last year - a collection - but I did NEED them and they WERE a BARGAIN!

    Tanya - it's a good job I don't live near Sutton either. The problem now is that bargain or not - I can't fit anything else in.

  5. By the way did anyone notice that I had changed the header again surely you did Tanya!

  6. No more, I could start my own seed catalogue at this rate!

  7. Damo, I guess we could join you!


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