Thursday, May 13

Free Shed

I've received an email offering a free 6x4 shed.

The message reads:

"To make way for a new patio, I am currently dismantling a 6x4 garden shed which is still in good condition. it is free to a good home, or it goes on the tip at the weekend"
The offer is from someone in the Wakefield area so if anyone is interested you will need to make contact quickly. Email me asap if you are interested and I will pass on the donors contact number.

Someone was quick - the shed has gone!!!


  1. why couldn't someone in my area be giving out free sheds.. :-(

  2. A free shed - of course that would be gone in a flash!

  3. You've got to be quick for the free stuff!

  4. That would have been great, but I wouldn't have had the transport to get it to the plot. Glad it's gone to a good home though.

  5. Tanya - It's s*** law isn't it?

    Carrie - not only did it go in a flash but could have gone twice in a flash

    You are so right Damo and Jo you would have had to do the same as someone on our plot when they got a free greenhouse - strapped it to the top of their car!!!!!!


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