Tuesday, May 25

Time flies when you are having fun!

Just to celebrate the fact that this is my
***700th ***
post on this blog I've added a few flowers. You would have thought that the sun would have joined in the celebration and continued to shine but no it's disappeared today.

A highlight of last week was the arrival of our first cauliflowers. They are a bit like buses - you wait ages for one and them they all come along at the same time.
Maybe soon we will also be harvesting a bonus find. Some lettuce went to seed last year and were left in the plot rather a long time - it would appear that these took advantage of this and cast their seed.


The result is that we have self sown lettuces coming up in various places on the plot. Amongst parsnip seedlings and amongst onions to name but two places. We have another growing in an empty plant pot. If we had sown lettuce seed and left it all winter I doubt that the seeds would have successfully germinated.

We are also picking some spring onions that were left in over winter - they are now going to seed so maybe we should leave them to self sow too!

Our full diary entry for last week is here

Last week's photo album is here


  1. I had a lovely crop of self own lettuces and chard last year. I don't believe in being too tidy!
    Congrats on 700 postings. I'm a comparative novice!

  2. Wow VH you made the comment before I'd finished editing the post I'm impressed

  3. I never guessed cauliflowers were like buses. They have thwarted all my clumsy efforts to grow them. I'll just blame it on the short season here though;)

    Christine in Alaska

  4. I have yet to have success with my caulis...this year even my seedling weren't a success...any tips???

    Congrats on 700 posts...that is HUGE!!

  5. Mother Nature is much better at scattering seeds than we are. Congratulations on your 700th post.

  6. Christine - Must admit that I can't comment on how caulis behave in Alaska.

    Tanya - These caulis were overwintered and bought as plants from Dobies but I know that they like firm ground (not newly dug)which isn't acidic so a top dressing of garden lime is a good idea. Then they are hungry feeders so we gave foliar feed.

    We have difficulty growing caulis too though. Last year we were more successful with coloured varieties - but we are trying the white ones again from seed this year. The over winter ones seem easier somehow.

    Thanks Jo

  7. Thanks for the advice though I have to admit that I am not into adding this that and the other to the soil...I like to put stuff in that grows well naturally so I will give ti another go this year and if i still don't have any luck will just buy them from the local farm!!

  8. Congrats on 700! Very envious of the caulies, the girls would love to be eating those now. They'll have to wait a bit longer for mine.

  9. I guess it's one all Damo as you bet me with the broccoli


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