Friday, May 14

Just to try something different!


We have been clearing up behind our greenhouse in the garden. We were wondering what to grow there and thought that this would be a good spot for a nectarine to grow in a large pot. The pot could be  then taken into the greenhouse to overwinter. Then we had an email from Thompson and Morgan offering a special offer on fruit trees. The result was we ordered a nectarine called Fantasia. It arrived today but it is a bit of a concern that it doesn't yet appear to have any shoots - maybe it has been in cold storage.

Never to do things by halves we also ordered a Paw Paw - no idea what this will be like but nothing ventured etc. At the moment this is just a small sort of twig with a green shoot on the end. I've read that the fruit tastes like a banana and a mango - I wonder if we will ever find out?

Paw paw

Both plants are now out of stock and so we must have just been one (or two) of many to be tempted - just hope they grow now!

PS The greenhouse isn't as untdiy as it looks on these photos - honest!


  1. oh my goodness a paw paw - like the jungle book song. You guys are so cool - I wanna be like you ou ou!

  2. I always thought a pawpaw was a papaya and was about to tell you that it's delicious with lime juice squirted over it, but then looked it up and it's not a papaya! So, good luck with it, I have no idea what it will taste like!!!

  3. I got a nectarine tree from Thompson and Morgan three years ago which looks pretty much like the one you have now. I planted mine in the garden and this year i have had some flowers on it...I am hoping this will give me fruit so fingers crossed...hope you don't have to wait as long as me!!

    P.S.....your greenhouse is very messy but your shed more than makes up for

  4. We got a redcurrant from a local and reputable nursery last August - and it looked dead. They all did. I left the label on (to prove where I'd got it just in case!) but this spring it's looking fabulous. I hope your nectarine does as well.

  5. How exciting to be growing something so different. I look forward to seeing how it does for you.

  6. Hi Carrie - Just hope Mowgli doesn't come swinging through the grapevine

    Thanks Mrs J - Just hope we get a fruit so I can tell you what it tasted like - apparently the flowers smell fetid - that doesn't sound too good

    Tanya - I hope I don't have to wait 3 years either

    VH - I am know anxiously awaiting the first shoot! Receipt at the ready!

    At This moment I'd be happy to see a few leaves Jo.


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