Thursday, December 17

Update of what the crow sees?

Google Maps have updated their aerial photos of our area.

The photo below shows our allotment site as it was last summer.
Using the clues in the photo I would guess that this was taken in June 2009.

Why June? Looking really closely at the photograph I can make out a brightly coloured patch just where we had a bed of Sweet Williams and these were in full flower in June. Click on the photo for a larger image. and see if you can find them.

Some other things that stand out on our plot are:
  • a long row of carrots covered with enviromesh,
  • the yellow carpet of poached egg plants (limnanthes) growing under the roses
  • cardoons.
The sun appears to be coming from the south and the shadows are quite short, only one car is present and I can only manage to spot two people walking around the access road with maybe a dog so I am guessing that this was taken over lunch time when few people were about. Otherwise maybe it is later in the afternoon after most people have left  - any ideas?

South is the bottom of the photo.

There are aerial and bird's eye photos of our site from different years on our web site. Click here to view.


  1. A very impressive photo...what even more impressive is the fact that you went to the future to take it..June 2010??? lol

  2. Hi Tanya.
    I must have been getting ready for the new year - usually I inadvertently go backwards and put 19.. I'm impressed that someone actually reads what I put - thanks for the nudge - I've corrected it!


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